For Writers

Thank you for your interest in Honeycake magazine! We are currently accepting fiction, nonfiction, and poetry submissions. Please read carefully to learn about what we look for in submissions.

What we publish

Honeycake is a Jewish literary magazine for two- to six-year-olds. Each issue includes stories, poems, activities, and illustrations created by people in the Jewish community.

We are committed to publishing great Jewish children’s literature. Qualities we look for include rich storytelling, playfulness, and a sense of wonder. Submissions should convey a child-centered perspective on the world. Humorous and whimsical pieces are welcome.

We publish pieces that reflect Judaism as a part of characters’ lived experience. Far from feeling gimmicky, the Jewish aspects of the piece should arise organically as part of the story or poem. Pieces may explore Jewish identity, through, for example:

  • examining a child’s experience of a Jewish object, holiday, space, or family relationship;

  • portraying a character grappling with or learning about a Jewish value;

  • using words or phrases in a Jewish language such as Hebrew or Yiddish;

  • drawing upon Jewish texts or oral traditions;

  • exploring a Jewish historical figure; or

  • highlighting Jewish religious or cultural practices.

Diversity and inclusion

Honeycake Magazine is committed to a diverse and inclusive Jewish literary culture. In particular, we are looking for works by and about underrepresented groups in the Jewish community, including Jews of color, LGBTQ+ Jews, Jewish immigrants, Jewish people with disabilities, and other marginalized groups.

Our audience

Our aim is to appeal to a wide range of families with Jewish children, ranging from secular to traditionally observant. Honeycake Magazine is not affiliated with a particular Jewish movement. We welcome partnerships with individuals and organizations who share our values of diversity and inclusion, as well as our commitment to educational excellence.

Guide to Submissions

Before submitting, you may want to read our first issue, which can be purchased here. You may also find it helpful to view copies of other magazines geared toward pre-readers and early readers. Ladybug is our favorite; you may be able to find samples online or full issues at your local library.

We are currently accepting the following types of submissions:


We are interested in contemporary fiction, original retellings of Jewish folktales, and silly stories that feature human characters or anthropomorphic animals. We look for stories that are imaginative, clearly-written, and developmentally appropriate for two- to six-year-olds. Stories should explore Jewish identity in some way; see “What We Publish” above for examples.

Length: 400-800 words
Payment: $175 and up


We are interested in nonfiction pieces exploring Jewish identity; see “What We Publish” above for examples. Nonfiction pieces may be written in simple nonfiction format, or they may incorporate story elements such as a child narrator.

Length: Up to 400 words
Payment: $175 and up


We are looking for silly and serious poems that are rhyming or rhythmic. We are interested in poems that explore the everyday experiences and emotions of young children, specifically surrounding their Jewish identity. Action rhymes (poems with movement) are welcome.

Length: Up to 20 lines
Payment: $40 and up

how to submit

Please adhere to the following guidelines for submissions:

  • Manuscripts should be submitted in .doc, .docx, .txt, or .pdf format to

  • Please include your phone number and mailing address.

  • We welcome multiple works. Please submit each one in a separate email.

If we are interested in publishing your piece, we will reach out to discuss payment and printing rights. Please allow up to three months response time.


Please email — we’d be happy to discuss any questions you might have.