Frequently Asked Questions

whom is Honeycake for?

Honeycake is for families who are interested in cultivating a rich Jewish educational environment at home, and who want to see playful, insightful Jewish children's stories that reflect the racial and cultural diversity of the Jewish community. Honeycake is not affiliated with a particular Jewish movement.

How do i get a copy of honeycake?

Look out for our May 2019 crowdfunding campaign! Backers will receive a copy of Honeycake this Hanukkah.

How often will the magazine be released?

Eventually, quarterly. For now, we’re working on a stand-alone issue.

Will honeycake be released online?

We have no plans to release Honeycake online. We love print magazines and want to offer families something that can be picked up and read anytime.

I have an idea for a story or poem. how can i submit it?

Visit for details on submitting your work.

How can i find out more?

Sign up for our email newsletter below for behind-the-scenes updates about what’s going on at Honeycake. You can also drop us a line at We’d love to hear from you!