Frequently Asked Questions

who are Honeycake’s readers?

Honeycake magazine is for families who want to read playful, insightful Jewish children's stories that reflect the racial and cultural diversity of the Jewish community. Honeycake is not affiliated with a particular Jewish movement.

Will honeycake be released online?

We have no plans to release Honeycake online. We love print magazines and want to offer families something that can be picked up and read anytime.

Can I order a copy of honeycake magazine?

Yes! Thanks to our generous donors and Kickstarter backers, the first issue of Honeycake will be released in December 2019. It’s the perfect Hanukkah gift for pre-readers and early readers. Order now!

Can I purchase a subscription?

Not yet! Plans are in the works to publish Honeycake magazine on a quarterly basis, with a discount for subscribers. To stay in the loop, sign up for our email newsletter.

What will I find in the first issue?

The first issue of Honeycake contains twenty-four pages of Jewish stories, poems, songs, puzzles, comic strips, and art activities.

Who are the contributors?

The stories and activities in Honeycake are written and illustrated by writers, artists, and educators in the Jewish community.

I have an idea for a story or poem. how can i submit it?

Visit for details on submitting your work.

How can i find out more?

Sign up for our email newsletter below for behind-the-scenes updates about what’s going on at Honeycake. You can also drop us a line at We’d love to hear from you!